The High Tech industry is upon us today in every aspect of our lives. This is a collection of Direct Mail, Marketing pieces, Corporate promotional pieces and Magazine advertising with a variety of clientele.

VTEL, CABLETRON SYSTEMS, KINKO'S, DELL COMPUTERS, PACIFIC BELL, & SPECTRUM just to name a few. All with the same vision, to help make our lives better.

In most of these examples I was hired to come in and enhance or give new breath to these companies already existing ad campaigns. All of these companies have large and expensive Advertising Agencies, yet somewhere along the way the Agency had become complacent with their work and the client would suffer for it. Whether it was because of exorbitant prices, or lack of zeal for the product being marketed.

Being a Freelancer, allows me to be objective and to help the client attain what they really want at a considerably better price.

So, with this in mind, please review these pieces, and welcome to the High Tech Industry.



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