Poster for Cabletron &
Dell computers. Enhancing
their partnership

Direct Mail piece sent out
to the prison systems
throughout the country
from VTEL promoting
Video confrencing.

Inside of direct mail piece.
This piece also has a
special die-cut on the side
of the face.

Promotional coupon to be
given away to customers
of VTEL and Kinko's to
show awareness of the
facility within Kinko's for
video teleconferencing.

Special die-cut piece folds over
coupon and is sealed with
an adhesive label.

Inside the the die-cut envelope
are the rules and regulations
of the promotion. A special
Thank-You from both

A postcard introducing a
sneak preview for a new
product for VTEL.
The name of the new product
is called Galaxy

Health care is a strong industry
for Video Confrencing. The
new product Galaxy would
make it easier to enhance
the way Doctors view patients.


Total Cost of Ownership,
TCO is a very powerful
buz word in any High Tech
Industry. The ability to pay
for your investment is critical.
Or have your investment pay
for itself.


Another powerful industry for
Video confrencing is Education.
This book represents tools and
information on how Video
Confrencing is making headway
in our children's classrooms.


The Medical industry is making
great strides in using Video
Confrencing to help patients
both near and far. This is
the front cover of the How
To Get Started book.

This is the back cover.


This is one of three posters
for a marketing campaign.
These posters were placed on
a CD in PDF form so that
companies that had purchased
Video confrencing systems
from VTEL could put them up
around the office indicating times
and places within the company
when lectures were going to be
given about the new product.

Two of three posters.

The third poster.

A series of full page 4 color ads
placed in various publication,
around the world to show
how video confrencing could
help your company achieve
Global reach.
This is the Asian ad.

Armed Forces Ad...The US

Educational Invitation to learn
more about Video Confrencing.

Government Invitation

Healthcare Invitation

Business Invitation

Poster for VTEL
California Show