This is a collection of my art work. You will see watercolors and oils of a variety of subject maters.

Soon they will be for sale on line for anyone who wishes to purchase. If you are interested now just give me a call at 940-498-9700 or e-mail me at

I would be happy to discuss the cost of any of these pieces that you are viewing. Many of these works are already made into prints, which will save you money, they are indicated on the thumbnail photo.

Most of my prints cost $20.00 not framed. The prints are hand signed and are in a limited numbered edition. Sizes are 25"x15" not framed.

They are printed on 100 pound quality offset stock. If you would like your print framed just give me a call, most framed pieces, add $100.

This will also cover shipping and handling.

Thanks and enjoy.



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